Are you a marketing agency?

Are you fed up with always fighting against other agencies to keep your customers, and striving to get new ones?

“Discover how the web intelligence can become the secret weapon of your agency, helping you to get more customers (and to increase the value of the current ones), without hiring new resources and even if you are already swamped by work up to the neck.”

Now you can have a task force of special agents of the web on a mission on your behalf, who provides you information inaccessible to your competitors and for which your customers will be willing to pay gold.

Welcome! Let me introduce myself: I am Agent M, Head of the Central Marketing Intelligence. From now on, for convenience I’ll call it simply CMI.


Since you’re here, I guess you already know us: we are the first intelligence agency that investigates the web to help companies be more competitive, online and beyond.

First of all, I warn you that the letter you are about to read is a proposal addressed to the marketing agencies that want to stand out from the crowd, offering their customers a service that goes far beyond just communication and marketing.

So, before you continue reading, answer honestly to this question: are you totally satisfied with the results your agency is obtaining?

Are you not sick of wasting more time to prepare reports on your results than on working on marketing strategies? Luckily, today there is a solution.

Do you think that you are already offering the best service as possible, that you could do nothing more to improve your campaign results and that your customers could not be happier than what they are now?


If the answer is “Yes, we are already getting the maximum and want to work as we have always done!“, then you can stop reading.


We are looking for agencies that want to achieve more and that are willing to improve the way they work to obtain it, so I will not waste your time any longer.


Time is the most important finite resource that we have – for Special Agents like us, time could make the difference between vital and useless information! – so you better go back to your work!


But if you’re thinking: “You are right, we could get more!” and if you think that what I am saying applies perfectly to you …


…then keep on reading and indeed listen up, because what I am here to offer you could change your agency forever.

In the past years I have had the opportunity to work closely with many marketing agencies like yours and I saw with my own eyes how hard you work.


For you, the time card is an optional and you are ready to work over the clock to respect a deadline, which could vary from the delivery date of a pitch to the kick-off of the new marketing campaign.


Not to mention the quality of your work: to craft the perfect Facebook ad, you rewrite the copy dozens of times, checking for the most viral hashtag and testing dozens of different creatives.


You spend whole days in exhausting brainstormings to find the idea of the century for a pitch to a prospect! And of course sending the campaign final results report to the customer takes precedence over anything else, from the gym to a dinner with friends!


Hence, the problem is not the quality nor the quantity of your work.


So why do you have to work so much, not reaching the results you would like?


The fact is that with the right tools and the right support you could get even more, working less.


Yes, that’s right. You could have more, optimising your time. And in the next few lines I will explain you how.

Despite your efforts, in fact, I bet that deep down you are convinced that the number of prospect pitches you are winning is still too low.


Or correct me if I’m wrong, apparently your customers seem satisfied… but at the end of the contract, instead of renewing it – happy to have the privilege of working with you – they launch a new call for competitive bids and so you have to start again the battle against other agencies.


“The pressure on each project is getting higher!” A social strategist I used to work with told me a few months ago. “It feels like every new campaign is a matter of life and death, and we always feel under scrutiny. If something goes wrong – I’m not talking about anything serious, just for instance forgetting to reply to a Facebook comment during the weekend – the risk of losing the customer is very high!


I fully understand the situation and I can give you my word that is NOT your fault, nor your colleagues one.


Obtaining excellent results online is increasingly difficult. Do you remember some years ago, when to please your customers the only thing you had to do was creating a nice website and launching a marketing campaign on different channels? Well, today is no longer the same.


Today, the online competition is increasingly fierce!


All your Facebook campaigns, even if they are brilliant, should fight against dozens of other campaigns launched by agencies that are motivated and creative like you are.

``Agencies that are worth less than we do, snatch our clients under our nose!``

Who will win this fight to the finish, really hitting the target and nailing down the results your customers want?

No one can predict it in advance.


It’s a hard truth, but you have to get over it! The reflectors are no longer focused on you and consumers’ attention is fragmented across thousands of websites, of campaigns and of other stimuli coming from the online world.


Plus, social networks and search engines contribute to aggravate this mess, changing their algorithms every two days, decreasing the percentage of organic users reach and increasing the cost of each payed click.

Worse of all, for your customers these explanations are not enough. They are paying, so they wants concrete results… nevertheless!


Never mind that it was Facebook fault if the organic reach is dropped down… you are expected to get the same number of clicks as usual.


Therefore, customers continue to bombard you with questions about what is the true ROI of the latest campaigns! They complain that you are not doing enough, and what is worse, they imply that the previous agency used to get more.


…but now there is good news…

The good news, in fact, is that the other agencies are in your same situation and they work exactly how you do.

Today you’re here and you’re reading my words,
so you have the OPPORTUNITY to overcome them all and
to shine at the eyes of your customers.

How? Never working again as all the other agencies do.


I’ll explain you how.

The other agencies propose strategies to prospects and customers without knowing anything of their industry or their competitors, just by reading the client's brief during their lunch break.

The other agencies have employees tired and fed up to spend endless hours at the office to finish the work that does not compete to them and that they should not do, such as reports and market analysis.

The other agencies create websites and manage social networks, full stop.

I am writing you now to give you the opportunity to do much more.

The opportunity to know everything about your customers and prospects before working on a proposal for a strategy.

The opportunity to cut for good the time wasted on reports and analysis, giving your employees only the results (and sending them home at a decent hour).

The opportunity to stand out from the crowd by offering cutting-edge services that other agencies do not offer, such as reputation monitoring and market analysis on your customers industries.

But I will not keep you on your toes, so let’s go straight to the point of my proposal.


As you know, the Central Marketing Intelligence is the first secret agency specialised in web marketing intelligence.


We listen to consumers’ online conversations, we spy on the online moves of the competition, we forecast trends and anticipate crises.


In short, we take care of all the things that agencies like yours do not want and do not have time to do!

Let me tell you how I created the Central Marketing Intelligence. Years ago I used to work extensively with a marketing agency and I experienced on my skin that it is not possible to do everything.


A social strategist can not waste hours for a market analysis and a social media manager should not become a math expert to estimate the audience growth rates!


Yet, these activities are critical to any agency, and they will be even more vital in the future.


Therefore, I started to conclude that intelligence activities should not be done in employees spare time, but require specialisation and specific training.


Let me explain this concept with an analogy.


Let assume that you think that your husband or wife cheats on you, and you want to investigate to find it out.


Would you hire a photographer just because he is able to shoot photos? Or would you involve an investigation agency?


The second, of course! Indeed, asking a social media manager to create a valuable marketing analysis (adding the fact that they don’t have the right tools!) it’s like sending a photographer to uncover a crime.


They are not supposed to know how to create a report just because they can design presentation slides!


So, you will convene with me that intelligence activities should be done by professionals.


This is why I founded the Central Intelligence Marketing, an agency that deals with web marketing intelligence in a professional manner.


We investigate the web to help companies leverage the amount of information that is available online and that we can uncover about themselves, their customers and their competitors.


Businesses that hire a CMI Agent know they can rely on a web intelligence specialist, who investigates for them to find the answers they seek.


This is why we have been chosen as partners by the best social listening software vendors, thanks to which we can intercept online conversations and interpret thousands of mentions within seconds.


But you already know this, or in any case you can learn more about it in the rest of our website.


What I’m here to tell you now is that for the first time I decided to make a proposal to agencies like yours.

Intelligence activities are so important and complex, that require specialised and dedicated resources.

It is a brand new offer, because we have always worked independently, hired directly by the companies who could afford it and that wanted to start working in a different way, distinguishing themselves on the web.

But today, as head of the CMI, I have decided that it is time to start allying with those who struggle to help companies succeed in the online world exactly as we do.

You got it: we want give marketing agencies a chance to work with us.

I’ll put my team of Special Agents at the service of a small number of agencies, working alongside them to achieve unprecedented results with their clients.

Being a CMI partner will be a synonym of innovation and web intelligence capabilities, light years ahead of the other agencies.


Their goals will become ours:

Winning more prospect pitches, and maintaining more customers,

Launching more successful marketing campaigns,

Offering customers new advanced services and opening new business opportunities,

Ensuring that the customers ask you to work with them, and not vice versa.

If these objectives are also yours, you are in the right place. Oh I forgot, all of these results working faster and spending less time in the office.


“Of course these are my goals!” You must be thinking. “But how are you going to help me reach them?”


You are quite right, and now I want to make you better understand how we can help you.


If we work with you, we will support you in all the activities that involve the research for online information, analysis and reporting.


Let’s see how more concretely.

First, before working on a pitch for a prospect, we’ll let you have the complete overview of the market situation and the online reputation of your prospect.


This way, it is easier to find new ideas during brainstorming meetings and you can really impress the prospect, even adding our market analysis at the beginning of the pitch. You will prove them that you have a good understanding of their market and unprecedented analytical capabilities!


Since yours will be the only agency to have approached the pitch this way, it is not difficult to imagine on who the choice will fall…

Second, we will be your secret weapon in all your daily activities.

We will spy for you what campaigns your competition is launching and which social posts get better results, both to find inspiration and to avoid delivering the same messages.

We’ll help you enter inside the mind of your targets, identifying who they are, what their interests are and how to reach them at best.

Some of the activities we can help you with:

1. Support for prospect pitches;

2. Support in the daily operations;

3. Help for new campaigns;

4. Reporting activities, periodical and una tantum;

5. New up-selling possibilities.

More, when you launch a new campaign, we’ll help you find out how people perceive the topics on which you intend to focus on.


What do I mean? For example, a few months ago an agency called us because they had to organise a global campaign targeting markets that they did not know at all, such as China, Russia and Saudi. They were under a lot of pressure and needed the campaign to be a success.


To help, we investigated on the topics related to their client’s brand – to name a few, the “Italian style” and the concept of “elegance”. We intercepted how these topics were perceived in those countries: the associated words, the images shared and so on.


We also verified the sentiment of the conversations around the hashtags they wanted to use… some were even negative!


Don’t you think that having information like this, the quality of the ideas that come out from your brainstormings would be much higher?


I imagine you are nodding! That’s right, the risk of proposing something that is not new or that doesn’t work would be lower. But above all, having a more clear idea of the situation, the brainstorming time would be drastically reduced… and you would be able to get home in time for dinner!

This is just the beginning. We will take on us all the boring activities like campaign reports.


We will evaluate all the results: the direct ones, obtained on social networks and on the website / e-commerce, and also the indirect ones, such as the online buzz and the external reaction of the public.


I am pretty sure that your social media manager would be more than happy to get rid of these tasks, which often forces him/her to stay at the desk over the clock!

But let’s go beyond improving what you already do. Working with us you can also offer new services to your customers.


We will take care of monitoring conversations about your customers and of producing the reports, and you will be able to sell new services such as the periodic analysis of the customer’s reputation and also the real-time listening of the conversations about them to anticipate crisis.


Have you ever thought of selling to your customers an analysis on how their industry is evolving, such as which innovation are growing and which startups are entering the market?


Or to be able to help predict the future by studying how a trend is evolving in their market?


All these are services that add value to your offering and which demonstrate how your agency is innovative and on the cutting-edge!


You will become the reference point for your customers to find out what’s going on in their field. You will be the first to warn them of a problem, helping them avoid reputational crisis and taking advantage of opportunities (think of real-time marketing!).


You got it: you will have new chances to up-sell to your current customers and prospects. You will be able to show them that working with you they will have a lot more than just marketing services.


In fact, you could boast access to the most advanced social listening software in the world, without the need to pay the full cost – nor to spend the full time to use them!

You could up-sell your current clients, offering new crisis prevention services and analysis of the digital transformation of their industry.

Perhaps you are thinking: “Wait! But I already have an analyst in my agency who deals with this, and I know he/she uses some software.


Perfect, but are you sure that the tools they are using are really the best ones? And how much do you pay for these tools?


Every day, new online technoogies that analyse the latest social networks sprout out, while others are updated or their interface is completely revisited.


Besides, what happens if your analyst leaves the agency? Who will use the software in his/her place?


You will be forced to hire and train another person, or you must continue to pay the software license until the contract expires, despite not using it any more (I’ve unfortunately seen situations like this even in very large agencies!).


But above all, answer sincerely to this question: is your analyst able to provide the needed information to your entire agency, from competitive to audience analysis, to reputation monitoring, to the final campaign reports and to market analysis?


Do not get me wrong, we do not want to replace your analyst, but to work alongside him/her, offering even more advanced tools and working on what they don’t have the time and experience to deal with.

We will work alongside your analyst to provide the best tools and to help with strategic insights and marketing.

And I do not want to rush you, but TIMING is critical!


As I said before, today almost no agency offers these innovative services.


When businesses want to know more about their reputation, they are still turning to institutions that are specialised in market researches, and certainly not to their marketing agency.


You can then choose to continue not to offer these services as well, leaving everything in the hands of an analyst or, in the worst cases, of the social media manager on duty.


But gradually, the other agencies will catch the ball instead of you.


Moreover, more of your customers will be starting to understand that the Web is more than a marketing channel, but a huge database of information they can exploit. Realising the opportunity to gather information from the web, they are starting to expect that their agencies know all about what happens online.


I bet it has already happened to you at least once that a customer was more informed than you on something – such as a piece of news or a result – and you have been scolded for this!


The choice is now yours.


If you came this far with reading my words, it means that you have already understood that working with us would be a real opportunity for you.

I list you some of the benefits:

You will reduce uncertainty and you'll be more sure foot in the planning of strategies and marketing campaigns, thanks to better data on market, competition and targets.

You will facilitate the creative process of all your co-workers, from strategists to art designers, helping them find inspiration on what works in the market.

You will bind your customers to you even more tightly, offering monthly services to monitor their reputation.

You will finally decamp from the office at a decent hour, knowing that everything is under control.

Your employees will be able to throw themselves body and soul into what they do best - marketing! - leaving at specialists the tasks that do not compete to them.

You will be first in the mind of companies seeking for an agency, and they will pray you on their knees to participate in their calls for bids.

You may stand out in the world of marketing agencies, having your campaigns mentioned among the best of the year.

The other agencies will kick themselves for having missed this opportunity, while you'll be enjoying the results.

But, as you understand, we can NOT

offer ALL these advantages

to ALL the agencies who contact us.

We have chosen to open this opportunity to a very limited number of agencies, 10 at most.


Some spots have already been allocated, and even while you are reading my words the places could be all taken.


Why a limited number?


Because we want to dedicate ourselves completely to our partners. We want to offer a high quality service and put them first, then we can not work with everyone.


We also want to give exclusive benefits to those who have been ready enough to decide to work with us.


Do not despair, you might still be in time to candidate your agency! If the seats were sold out, you can still get on the list and be among the first in the eventuality we open the selection of partners again.

To candidate your agency, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Pay attention: in the message field you should answer these three questions:


1) Why is your agency different?


2) What kind of clients do you work with and what would you like to do more for them?


3) Why would you like to collaborate with us and how can we help you?


We will choose the first ten agencies who fill out the form and those answers will not only be convincing, but which will impress us and make us want to work with them.

If you’re wondering what are the requirements for the choice, I think you have already understood that we will evaluate it not according to the agencies size but to how much their mentality is open to embracing change and how they are ready to take risks in order to grow.


Do you think your agency has what it takes, and would you like to try to work with us?


Then you know what to do: fill out the form and wait for our answer. I can not promise that it will be a YES, but I assure you we will reply you.


If your request will convince us, we will arrange a web call to know each other better and to understand how to proceed with the next steps. If by chance the maximum number had already been reached, you will be inserted in the waiting list to access the opportunity in the future.

Just one thing before you leave:

working with us will not be a cakewalk.

First of all, you should be ready to learn new things – for us the training is very important! – and to work in a different way.


Second, our services bring value to your customers and give a competitive advantage to your agency, so you have already guessed they are not for free.

Now, I guess you must be wondering: how much would all this cost me?


Obviously, it depends on many factors: from what services you need and at what level of continuity, to the type of clients you are working with as well as which software we have to put in place for you.


Talking about prices and figures now would not make any sense… but don’t worry, we’ll talk about it during our first web call.
Besides, we have devised a very beneficial partnership plan to limit the initial investment and then benefit of the future growth.


We’ll help you to win more calls for bids, to increase the value of existing customers and to retain them longer.


We will improve the lives of your employees, we will help you make a good impression with your customers and your boss will be proud of you for having discovered and seized this opportunity.


But at the beginning, like any new venture, it will require an investment.

If you’re not going to make any investment and you think that your agency can make it safely without us, no hard feelings.


Do not waste the time to write us if your budget for these activities is zero! But do not be surprised if in the next few years you will find yourself struggling for survival, doing somersaults to retain your customers and playing downward in order to obtain new contracts.


(TIP: If your budget is very limited, at least initially, you can take a look at our coming soon CMI Membership, a way to start more gradually but constantly over time.)

That said, I would add that you have enough information to evaluate yourself what is the best track.


Closing this page and returning to your usual way of working, or trying to change it forever.


I’m giving you an opportunity to get out of the minefield that is the agencies world, where you fight to the death to grab a customer and where you risk blowing up just by choosing the wrong hashtag.


If you have read my letter this far and you are convinced to try, do not waste any minute longer.


Like I told you, we will give this opportunity to a maximum of 10 agencies, which could become CMI certified partners:

They could insert the badge on their site and they will have a dedicated space in our website's partner area.

They would have access to a reserved area on our website with additional resources, and would receive advanced training and educational resources on the online world and the trends in the industries of their clients.

Our agents would be always ready to help them and, if they wished, they will be eligible for exclusive offers to purchase the licenses of our partners' software.

We are already talking to the first potential partners and this page will be visible until we close the selection, so better hurry!


I would not want your agency to be the perfect fit, but to remain out because you waited to much to make the decision to contact us.


Or worse, I would not want your competitor’s agency to be faster than you and to snitch your spot under your nose (as I said the spots could already be sold out).


I repeat, you just need to fill out the form below with your contact details and the answers to the three questions written above. It would take you less time to fill out the form than to read this letter!


As I always say, the worst crime is not giving time its right value.


Then we have an understanding: I wait for your message.


Always do your best,


Agent M


PS:  Are you really still here reading the Post Scriptum? If my proposal interests you, you should already be working to fill out the form, thinking about the answers to my three questions!


PPS: One last tip. You can choose not to act now, but I assure you that the things I told you about in this letter will be the norm in the future. Now it is up to you if you want to be among the first ones to ride this new opportunity, or if you prefer to wait for all the others to do it (and your customers to require it) and be the last to adapt. In the first case, you just have to fill out the form!

Candidate your agency as CMI partner

Fill out the form by answering the 3 questions: we will evaluate your request and reply as soon as possible.

The CMI Membership is coming soon!

The first subscription to take the stress out of business and marketing decisions making, always knowing what’s going on online in your market.


Get your early-bird spot (and get discounts and bonus):
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