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007 of the web

The Central Marketing Intelligence is the first agency created to investigate the web (and not only) on behalf of decision makers and C-level managers.

For simplicity we call it just “CMI”… a bit like FBI, CSI and so on.

Why is CMI born? Because nowadays the world is running at the speed of light.

As you well know, launching successful strategies is far from easy, both in marketing and in business in general.

How can you make the right move if you don’t know what’s going on in the market around you, or how your competitors are moving?

The CMI is here to give you the information and the answers you need.

``Knowing the future does not mean to predict it, but to know how to look around you.`` Mike Walsh

Our CMI Agents

The CMI agents combine the knowledge of marketing and of market dynamics with a deep ability to analyze the web and the infinite information already mentioned online.

Our CMI agents are online investigation professionals, with years of experience in finding the information that are necessary to companies and to communication agencies.

Each agent has his area of expertise: some work on longer and more complex projects alongside the customer, other investigate remotely to find quick answers.

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The Web is our data source

To find the informations you need, we don’t use traditional market research methods such as interviews, surveys and focus groups.

We leave those methods to the agencies that has been doing it for years, who already have their beautiful panels of respondents and a team of interviewers ready to call consumers.

We don’t ask: we intercept, listen and receive.

Our focus group is the entire web, an immense panel where millions of people let us know in real time:

  • what do they think
  • what they’re interested in
  • and even how to reach them.

We intercept social media conversations

We study people's search engine researches

We spy the results on competitors' websites

We study consumers' interests

We find answers.

We are the first to be convinced that data for their sake are useless.

Investigation after investigation, we have developed a proprietary method, the Market X-Ray, to pick up the pieces of information available on your market.

We start from what you need to find out, those key questions that keep you awake at night. Those questions whose answers could help you make that decision that you have been postponing for a long time, or that you’re not sure you’ll make.

We identify from your questions the so-called “KPIs”, the key indicators that will help us to find the answers, and the methodology to calculate and identify them.

And then, we start… we follow up the clues to solve your case too.

What you want to know

We start from the questions that keep you up at night

The best KPIs

We understand which indicators are more useful

Investigate the web

We put all the pieces together to solve the case

Choose a team always at your service.

Fill out the form, we will call you as soon as possible to understand how we can help you.

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