Basic X-Ray: never take a decision in the dark again.

Hi, I’m Agent 007 from Central Marketing Intelligence. Today I’m here to introduce you to the Basic X-Ray: the preliminary version of our full market research, to help you find out the information you need to be a step ahead of your competition.


You can touch first hand what we can discover in your sector about your trends, your customers, your competition and your brand … at a price that’s never seen before!


You will already have valuable information you can use immediately about the trends of your market, to make more aware business and marketing decisions, with less uncertainty.


What are you waiting for? Fill out the form and start: try us and find out what’s happening around you.

Why investigating the web?


Today the world is moving at the speed of light and any decision is a leap of faith: from the business strategy to the next marketing campaign.


If you do not know how the landscape around you is changing, you make blindfold decisions. Surveys and interviews are no longer enough to know a market that changes day by day.


Instead of asking people, we listen. We intercept the huge database of online data to find the answers you need.


Let us investigate your market for you: you will find out what are the hot topics right now, how you benchmark with your competitors, how much people talk about your brand online and what you can improve to make the right move.

Discover what is changing around you

Keep your competitors under control 

Understand which are the best moves to do

“No thanks, instead of doing a market survey we prefer to launch some test campaigns. Then we’ll see…


I’ve heard this sentence so many times! Companies prefer to spend their money blindly proceeding with “tests”, instead of starting by knowing their market and their customers.


They risk to throw 100s in the wind… when it would be enough to invest 10s to make the most out of the remaining 90s.

basic market x ray

Start carefree with the Basic X-Ray

I have seen so many companies make this mistake! After all, it is more than understandable … Deciding to start with a complete market survey is not easy, because it’s an investment in something you do not know yet and, more, you do not know if you really need it.


That’s why I decided to create the Basic Market X-Ray, so as to take away any risk and give you the chance to get started right away, without worries.


All you have to do is fill in a quick questionnaire about your company and your products/services … and in a few hours you will already have a series of information that will help you better know your industry, your competition and your online awareness!

trend del mercato - indagine di mercato preliminare

Be the first to discover your trends.

We find out which are the hot topics in your market, today.

concorrenza - indagine di mercato preliminare

Compare your results to understand where to improve.

Spend every euro in activities directed to your target.

temi più caldi - indagine di mercato preliminare

Intercept who is talking about you.

Listen to your company’s mentions… to the good and the bad ones!

Ok… but how much does it cost?


We wondered for a long time how much an investigation like this should cost … and I confess that we still do not fully agree.


Every investigation, even the ones that looks simple, hide hours and hours of work to bring hidden information to light, to use the right software (which for the record cost thousands of euros a month) and to summarize the results.


I confess, we are not yet completely convinced of our decision… but in the end we decided to offer you the Basic X-Ray at the incredible price of € 497 (+ VAT if you are in Italy).


Plus, if after seeing the results of the Basic X-Ray you will decide to continue with the full Market X-Ray investigation… well, I’ll discount you the € 497 from the survey total.


In summary… for only € 497 you will have:

  • a preliminary survey on your market, your target, your competition and your brand;
  • an hour-long video conferencing consultation, in which one of our agents will present you the results of the survey and answer your questions;
  • the possibility of continuing with the complete Market X-Ray at a special price and with a discount of € 199!


What are you waiting for? Fill out the form below, test us and find out what’s going on around you.


Choose not to spend your money just following your instinct, but basing your marketing and business decisions on a solid ground.

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