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Welcome! In this page I will guide you through the types of marketing intelligence investigations we can carry out for you.

First of all, a premise: your company is unique and I’m ready to bet that the information you need will also be as unique.

Think that over the years we have investigated dozens of sectors for hundreds of companies and we have NEVER done two investigations that were alike one another. Each sector has its own peculiarities and every company has totally different needs and problems.

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You can choose from 3 types of investigations:

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The 360° market survey to X-ray your sector, your competitors and your customers.

confronto concorrenza reputazione -

Find out who is talking about you online and how much your brand is visible on social media.

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We help you make important business and marketing decisions with all the cards on the table.

Before any investigation, what should any self-respecting detective do? Of course, he should patrol the crime scene and question the suspects.

Clients often ask me what is the starting point for investigating their industry. The answer is simple: the base is a 360° survey that brings to light the most important elements of your market.

Why? Because if you do not first unearth information like:

  • what are the trends at the moment
  • what words do you use your customers and how often
  • what your customers are talking about and what interests them the most
  • where your customers are
  • how much are people talking about you online today and in which terms
  • how you compare yourself with your competitors

Without this information, how can you proceed with anything else?

This is why we created the Market X-Ray, an investigation that studies all areas of your online market.

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Your reputation today is everything … and it can be destroyed in a few moments, even by a fake news.

Unfortunately it is the hard truth and the sooner you accept it the better it will be.

Whatever your business is, there are certainly people who talk about it online:

  • who exchange opinions and advice on the forums;
  • who complain about a product after a purchase on social networks;
  • who compares your products with those of the competition on blogs;
  • who follows your social campaigns and your events;
  • and so on!

By now, being aware of these conversations is no longer an option, but a necessity: it is the only way to prevent potential crises, to increase customer loyalty and also to find new leads.

Thanks to the Reputation X-Ray you can take control of who is talking about you and your products once and for all!

Do you have a very clear idea on what you need to find out? Then you just have to ask.

There are questions that seem to have no answer: you would need a crystal ball!

Well, those are the questions we like the most. Once, a customer called me asking: “Can you intercept the interests of the Chinese with a high income who have travelled at least once in Italy?”

Um, maybe this is really an impossible question… but we could limit it and find the information that allows you to understand what Chinese are interested in around your brands’ topics!

Decisions like:

  • launching a new product or a startup project
  • entry into a new market
  • launch a marketing campaign or a website
  • and any decision that does not make you sleep at night!

This On Demand service is born for you that you have very clear ideas about what you would like to know.

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“Knowing the future does not mean predicting it,
but knowing how to look around you. “

Mike Walsh, futurist

Who needs a market research (and who does NOT)

This is one of the questions I hear most often: “Who needs a market research?” That’s why I think it’s right to talk about it here.

The most obvious answer is that EVERYONE needs it, because who would you ever advise to make blind decisions? Who would you say to drive blindfolded? But this is not the truth: investigating the web is not for everyone.

You need it if:

✔ If you are a manager or in any case someone who makes decisions in the company. 

But not only: if you really care about the decisions you make, if you feel them as responsibilities and if sometimes they keep you up at night.


✔ If your company has the ambition to grow, increase the visibility of its brands on the market, and distinguishing itself from the competition.

It may seem obvious, but once a client told me at the end of an investigation: “Ok, but my company is not a brand and we are ok as we are”. If you believe so, then you do not need to know your market better.


✔ If you can put into practice what you will discover… and then act accordingly.

This point may seem trivial, but I assure you that I have seen several customers enthusiast about the discoveries on their market and then … do not change anything at all. They did not use the collected information to seize  new opportunities, nor to improve their communication, least of all to solve their problems. In this case, do not spend a single euro and do not waste even a minute.

Ok, but… what’s the price?

This is the second great question I am asked every day.

Let me answer you this way: would you ever enter a car dealer asking “Hi, how much does a car cost?”.

I guess not, and the reason is obvious: every model and every type of car has a different price. You can choose a small car, a sedan, a SUV, a sports car … and each one would have a different price depending on the set-up, the optionals and so on.

The same applies to a market survey. Each market can be investigated endlessly and you can always proceed in more detail!

So the answer to the first question is the classic “IT DEPENDS“. It depends on a number of factors such as:

  • In what sector are you in
  • How complex is it to study your brand (do you have a generic brand name like “Ferrari”, that’s also a common surname, or are you unique like “Nutella”?)
  • How many competitors do you want to study
  • What do you want to analyze
  • What is your budget to start with, to calibrate what you need on how much you want to spend.

This, to tell you one thing: let’s talk about it. Contact us by filling out the form below, tell us what you need and we will find a way to help you uncover what you need at the price you can afford.

Look at your market as never before. You won’t go back

Fill in the form and let’s see how we can help you.

Basic X-Ray: starting has never been so easy

Undecided? Do not worry, it’s normal!

This is why we created the Basic X-Ray, a lighter version of the Market and Reputation X-Ray at a special price… that you will even be discounted if you then choose to continue with the complete survey!!

Click on the button, fill in the questionnaire and we will begin to investigate immediately.

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