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Hello, I am Agent 007 and on this page I will tell you about our market survey method, the Market X-Ray.

We called it this way because our goal is just to X-ray your market and help you get an overview of what’s going on around you.

How is it structured? It is divided into 4 main areas, in turn divided into several sub-areas, to give you the picture of your situation.

To simplify everything even further, in the end we summarize your results graphically in a scheme similar to the one on the right: the more colored the segments, the better your results!

ricerche di mercato

In the Market X-Ray you will discover 4 main areas:

Market & Trends

How trends change and what are the hot topics? How aware is the market demand?

Target clients

What do target customers look for, read and think about? How easy are they to reach online? What do they write online?


How competitive is your market? What do clients think about your competitors?

Your brand

How visible is your company online? What is your reputation? How are you reaching you customers online?

1. Market: as to never get caught unprepared

Things are changing around you, even now. New technologies and new startups are emerging. People are becoming interested in new topics and have new problems. Fortunately, today we can capture these changes in real time!

The goal of this area is to give you the answers to your questions on the market, such as:

  • How is my market changing?
  • What are the new trends?
  • What are the innovations that are emerging in the world?
  • What are the “hot topics”, such as the topics most shared and read online?
ricerche di mercato
ricerche di mercato

2. Target: who they are and how to reach them

This point is simple: we help you learn more about your customers. How? Instead of interviewing them, we observe them in their natural habitat.

Let’s listen to what they talk about on social media to understand what they think and which social media they prefer to spend time on. Let’s find out what blogs and newspapers they read and which influencers they follow, to understand which articles they prefer to read the most.

In short, the questions we help you answer are:

  • What are my customers interested in?
  • What should I write/talk about to intercept them?
  • How can I reach them optimizing my strategy and my budget?
  • Who are the main influencers?

3. Your brand

Accepting it is not easy, but unfortunately you can not have control over everything. You can check the so-called “Owned Media”, ie your site, your social networks and so on. But you have no power over the whole world of the “Earned Media”, that is everything written and commented about you by third parties!

People search words about you on Google and publish reviews, social posts and articles that mention you … often in positive terms, but sometimes with complaints or negative comments!

In this third area of the Market X-Ray we help you understand:

  • How relevant is my brand on the Internet?
  • Who is talking about it online… and above all, in which terms?
  • What are they saying?
  • What could I improve to be more visible when looking for my products?
brand e azienda -
comparazione canali online -

4. Competition: who is getting more?

Until a few years ago your competitors had the shop in front of you. Today they can be anywhere in the world, and they can attack you in ways you do not even imagine.

Many companies prefer not to see them and pretend they don’t exist, but then they can not complain when their competition is ten steps ahead!

This area of the Market X-Ray help you answer questions such as:

  • Who are my main competitors on the web?
  • How do they reach their customers?
  • How do I compare my brand with them?

How the analysis takes place

We start from you

We begin with a real ``interrogation``, in which you tell us what you already know and what you would like to discover.

We study your market

First of all we have to put your shoes on and start to understand how your market works.

We decide the best way to proceed

The method is structured, but any investigation can change depending on your industry.

Discutiamo i risultati

Ci incontriamo per trasmetterti tutto ciò che abbiamo appreso: presentiamo le informazioni raccolte e i nostri suggerimenti.

Never take a decision in the dark again

Fill out the form, we will contact you to start immediately with your Market X-Ray.

Basic X-Ray: starting has never been so easy

Undecided? Do not worry, it’s normal!

This is why the Basic X-Ray is born, a lighter version of the Market and Reputation X-Ray at a special price… that you will even be discounted if you then choose to continue with the complete survey!

Click on the button, fill in the form and we will begin to investigate immediately.

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