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Your reputation under X-Ray

Hello, here Agent 007 again. In this page I’ll guide you through our services related to your reputation.

Are you worried about your online reputation?

You well should, because nowadays your reputation is ALL. It is even more important than the economic results of your company, because it is the symptom of what the market thinks of you and how much trust it is going to give you in the future.

After working with many companies of all sizes, we have identified 3 ways to help you keep track of your reputation.

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Three services to take your reputation under control:

Reputation Screening

The research to understand what the online users think about you and how you compare against the competition

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Reputation Safe

The service that secure your reputation forever, day by day.

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Reputation Do It Yourself

Monitor your reputation by yourself, with the right tools and support.

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1. Reputation Screening

In this investigation, we intercept anyone who is mentioning you online and we bring to light how they are talking about you without your knowledge.

Being aware of who sends you support request and who writes on your social pages is easy… while it is much more difficult to identify those comments, reviews and conversations that happen outside of your range of control.

They are the so-called “earned media”: everything about you that is written and commented by customers, influencers, blogs and so on.

As you can see in the graph on the right, they are the most relevant type of media! Wouldn’t it be better to control them?

reputazione online - earned media
reputazione online - i canali più usati

How much people are speaking about you and where

Listening to the web we can intercept all these conversations! And so you can find out what has been said about you in the last year, to understand how visible you are on the web.

You will find out on which online channels you are most present and on and which ones you are less visible, to take advantage of the former and work more on the latter.

How consumers talk about your brand (and what are the potential problems)

Looking deeper into who is talking about you, find out if your visibility is positive or if someone speaks badly. Bringing out problems is the only way to solve them and turn them into potential opportunities!

You will also understand WHO talks about you, both to find out if there are influential people, and to identify the types of people: the detractors, the fans, etc. and for each of them discover who they are, where they are online and how to amplify their interest.

parole chiave menzioni - reputazione online
analisi della concorrenza - reputazione online

How are you going compared to the competition

Looking at you alone does not help you put things in perspective… this is why you can also see a comparison between your visibility and that of your competitors.

Are people talking more about your brand or your competitors’ ones? On which online channels and about which topics? Who is talking about it?

2. Reputation Safe

After the initial Reputation Screening, it does not end here: every day people will continue to comment and write online talking about you.

That is why the “Reputation Safe” service is born, to give you the peace of mind that there is someone who listens on your behalf, all the time.

Listening is the only solution to always be ready to intervene in case of problems, or why not to exploit even positive situations.

esempi conversazioni - brand reputation, reputazione online

Sleep soundly!

We will activate a system of continuous monitoring through one of the best social listening software around, Synthesio, to track day and night who is talking about you.

In case of any anomaly, for example if a popular news comes out about you, we will send you immediately an email  to warn you of what is happening.

Stay updated month after month

In addition to the continuous monitoring, every month you will receive a report of what happened in the previous 30 days.

An update on:

  • the most important things that have been said about you;
  • the most relevant mentions of the competitors you are monitoring;
  • the changes in the main trends of your market.

In short, a kind of press release… but that is not limited to articles and news, including also social media, reviews, forums and so on!


3. Reputation “Do It Yourself”

If you want to be completely in control of your reputation and if you want to be able to amplify your visibility and enhance those who are talking about you online, this is the most complete solution.

Instead of receiving reports, you will be able to directly access our partner’s software, a leading software for listening to the network.

You will read in real time all the conversations, reviews and articles that talk about you.

reputazione online
report-overview-synthesio - reputazione online

A full service

Included in the package you will have a first Reputation Screening and the complete software setup according to your needs, to monitor your brands, some competitors and the burning issues of your sector.

This way, you will be always updated on what happens, even responding to users who mention you to solve potential problems and to thank your happy customers.

A tool for the whole company

The software will be useful for everyone in your company:

  • for those involved in marketing, to plan better campaigns;
  • for customer service, to respond to dissatisfied customers;
  • for management, to have direct awareness of the market perception;
  • for those who work in product development, to read first-hand customer experiences.

And do not worry, we’ll teach you how to use it!

synthesio-demographics - reputazione online

Take control of your visibility on the web.

Fill out the form and we will contact you to start immediately to listen to the web on your behalf.

Basic X-Ray: starting has never been so easy

Undecided? Do not worry, it’s normal!

This is why the Basic X-Ray is born, a lighter version of the Market and Reputation X-Ray at a special price … that will even be discounted if you then choose to continue with the complete analysis!

Click on the button, fill in the questionnaire and we will begin to investigate immediately.

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