Competitors Analysis

Spying or being spied

A few years ago, to find out your competitors’ moves the only solution was then industrial espionage. You had to infiltrate someone inside, or to pretend to be a customer to receive information… maybe with the risk of getting a good complaint too!

Today, the web allows us to uncover the secrets of a company, a product and even a single person in just a few clicks.

Today, our work as secret agents is much simpler: with the right tools, we can find out all the information you need about the strategy, the results and the weaknesses of your competition.

And it’s so easy to find the information, that you can’t afford not to take it… because it’s likely that your competition is doing the same on you!

menzioni - analisi della concorrenza

Why you need the competitive intelligence?

I ask you the question from another point of view. Imagine you are playing chess… and imagine being blindfolded. How can you choose the next move if you can’t see the board? How can you decide which piece to move if you do not know how your opponent’s pieces are placed?

Here, the competitive intelligence gives you the vision of the board on which you are playing.

At CMI we use the competitive intelligence in almost all our investigations:

  • especially in market analysis, to find out who your competitors are, how they are positioned in the market and what strategies are they adopting;
  • in brand reputation investigations, to compare how much people talk about your brand with what they talk about your competition;
  • in trends investigations, to find out if new projects and startups are growing and achieving particular success.

Una mossa di un tuo concorrente dall'altra parte del mondo può impattare il tuo mercato qui: non sapere cosa sta succedendo è oggi un rischio che non puoi più correre.

Some advantages of competitive intelligence:

Find out how visible they are compared to you

Are consumers mentioning more often your brand or theirs? How do they talk about it? Are the online channels on which the mentions appear the same or not?

Discover the strategies of the competition

How are you competitors reaching their customers? On which online channels are they investing with marketing campaigns and with what results?

Find out what you need most

Based on your goals, whether you are launching a new website or entering a new market, take appropriate measures to see what the competition is doing.

What can you discover about the competition?

A lot of things. Really, you probably do not even imagine how much information we can get out on a company with the right tools. Here are some examples:

What is the positioning of your competitors in the market?

To distinguish yourself from the pack of the competitors and offer a unique product / service, you must first know what is the offer and the so-called “positioning” of your competitors (as we did in this “solved case”).

By studying the information online on each of your competitors, our special agents can discover:

  • what products and services they offer;
  • on which functions and/or strength points are they stressing their competitive advantage;
  • to which target are they aiming: is it the whole market or a particular niche?
  • what is the price positioning;

and so on, studying different dimensions depending on your sector. What do we do with all this informations?

We create a nice map of your market, to help you find unattended areas and create your distinctive offer.

Which results are your competitors achieving?

The best feedback we can have today is to intercept the spontaneous comments of consumers, who publish online what they think of brands, products and services.

In addition to listening to the network to discover YOUR reputation, you can also discover the reputation of your competition!

So we can help you uncover what consumers hate and love about your competitors’ offer… plus a storm of information that you would not get even testing all their products yourself!

esempi di menzioni con lamentele - analisi della concorrenza

What is the marketing strategy of my competitors?

Before launching your strategy and starting to invest real money, my advice is to take a moment to look at the strategy of the competitors.

Why? Well, first of all because you can learn from their successes and mistakes… and you can find out if there are any strategies that are not exploited by anyone.

For each of your competitors, we can find out:

  • on which social networks are they active, what is being published and with which strategy;
  • what results do they obtain on the various social networks;
  • how much visible is their website and from where users arrive to their site;
  • which keywords do users search to get to the site;
  • which blog articles are of more interest.

By putting all this information together, you can now have a more complete picture of how you can optimize your resources to reach your customers!

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