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Do you have any doubt, any problem, or are you looking for new opportunities to help your company grow?

Our Special Agents have the right answers for you.

At Central Marketing Intelligence, our Agents merge different knowledge from marketing to market dynamics with a deep experience in analyzing the Web and the endless information available online.


Internet, in fact, is a real hive of information that are vital to make better decisions.


Now you have at your fingertip the opportunity to find out what your customers say, to know what your competitors are doing and to anticipate the evolution of the market.

Today you have the chance to intercept what your customers say, to know what your competitors are doing and to anticipate market fluctuations.


Having a clear picture of what is happening is not only possible, but it is also crucial to make better decisions.


Online there are all kinds of information just waiting to be collected and interpreted.


These information can be exploited in many different fields:

You can anticipate reputation crises

You can gather information before launching a new product line

You can measure precisely your web marketing ROI

... and much more.

As you can see, the application fields are really a lot and our Agents have only one goal: gather and interpret the online data to give you the answers you need.

Still not convinced of how useful these information can be?


Let me tell you an example: the new technologies and the digital world in general are transforming many industries, and the transformation is so deep that we can speak about a real digital transformation.


This means that recently your market has changed as well: new technologies, new competitors that entered the landscape and new ways for consumers to solve the same problem… in short, your market as you once knew it is slowly disappearing.


Hence, it is vital to understand how the situation is evolving, not only from a purely technological point of view, but especially looking at the perception and behaviour of consumers.

Hiring a CMI Agent, you are sure to have a professional of web marketing intelligence who works for you and who helps you answer to all your questions.

You need to understand when it is the right time to change, if there are new interesting startups to partner with, to take inspiration from or – why not – that you could acquire.


The evolution of your market is a very delicate situation, that should be monitored and on which your company must have the full picture, to be able to take the right decisions and better manage the change.


Luckily, these are information that is possible to find: with the right tools and the right knowledge, we can collect and interpret all the hidden signals on the Web.

We help you answer to questions like: ``How is my market evolving? What are the innovation in my industry?``

Our Agents are able to intercept and understand which information you need to help you decide what’s the best move in every moment.

Besides, I can give you another example.


To define the merger between start-up INCUBATORS and ACCELERATORS (do not worry if you do not know what they are exactly), an American institute introduced a new word… the “INCULATOR”.


Well, in English it might sound a nice word…


… but in Italian it is a very bad one (sounds like fu**er) and of course it does not communicate the original positive concept of helping startups!


In short, this is to say that even the most “trivial” decision, such as choosing a name, might be a potential issue.


Try to imagine what would happen if you launched an advertising campaign using a message that in your country sounds appealing, but abroad means something misleading.


It is a common mistake: I could list you other famous (and funny) cases of companies that had the wrong approach to a new market.


Fortunately this is a mistake easy to avoid and on which our agents have a deep experience!


In fact, to avoid these mistakes, in addition to a quick check in the dictionary, it is necessary to look for online conversations mentioning that word or its variants.


This way you can understand the common sentiment and the topics that are associated to that semantic root.

What's the sentiment around my message in the world?

Our Agents find the information you need to create the right advertising message in zero time.

Online, there is an incredible amount of information, which – if properly collected and interpreted – has an immense value.


The Web can help you decide whether to invest in developing a new product, to understand how to launch a new line, to optimize a marketing campaign, to improve your existing services and so on.


As I always say, Internet is truly the most powerful weapon that is available today and NOT because it allows to create a website or to be on social networks (which is only the first step!).


Above all, Internet is a wonderful weapon because it allows you to better understand the market you are moving in, to unveil the strategies of your competitors, to understand what your customers want and so on.


I’m not here to tell you the shopping list of all the things our Agents can discover, but rather to tell you that if you want to grow your business and you are convinced that online there are information that can help that growth, then you are in right place.


The Central Marketing Intelligence was created to help companies leverage and treasure online data.


Outside there is a real treasure waiting to be exploited and, luckily for you, only a few are taking advantage of it – yet.


You have a great opportunity in front of you: my advice is not to waste it.

It does not change whether you are big or you are small, if you work in the US or abroad: online there are all the answers you need, regardless of your size or your market.


All you need is the knowledge and the tools to extract value from it, and we are here for that.


But there is something I should tell you before going on: hiring a Special Agent at your service is not free.


We have different types of agents and action plans according to your needs and budget, but obviously we does not give away anything for free.


The issue is not how much we cost but how much we are worth it… how much value we can create for you. And we know that it is a lot, really a lot.


If you’re still not convinced about hiring an agent, you should take a look at our MI1 KIT, which is a much more simple and affordable solution and it is definitely the fastest way to really understand how much value we can create for you.


On the contrary, if you have already understood much value you may get having a dedicated Special Agent, who works for you and who is always there to help you grow your business… then you are in the right place.

We have different solutions to satisfy your needs.

For example:

Agents 0-type

They are our more advanced agents, and they are trained for more complex missions, requiring the highest involvement in your business processes.


For example, it could be the launch of a new product or a corporate reorganization where you need someone who comes to your company, who examines your problems and who comes up beside you to find the best solution step by step.

Agents X-type

The X-type agents, instead, are available for more defined missions, in which there is less involvement and where the objectives are already well defined.


For example, you can ask them for a market research, or for periodic reports on what your competitors are doing or what your customers are saying.

Now you have TWO alternatives (even THREE):


1. Hiring a CMI Agent to help your company grow;


2. Starting with our MI1 KIT to approach the web intelligence yourself;


(3. Not doing anything and keeping business as usual, in the dark.)

To let you better understand, let me tell you some more examples of cases on which our Agents are used to work:

Trend Analysis

Spy on competition

ROI and results measuring

Visibility from an event

Campaign message evaluation

Influencers spotting (such as the influential people who can increase the visibility of your products)

Social listening of conversations around your products/services/brand

Analysis of the results obtained on social networks

and many more.

Working with one of our agents means having a resource dedicated to solve your problems and to seek out opportunities for you.


But above all, it means hiring an agent who is hyper competent and specialized in this type of investigations, who works with the best tools on the market.

Are you not convinced yet?


We are so sure of the quality of our work that I want to give you a further guarantee.

If in the first 2 weeks you are not satisfied with the results of your Agent’s work, or any other reason you may have, we will take our leave.


If things go wrong, as tradition says, our special agents have no problem in swallowing the so-called cyanide pill!


So do not worry, in the remote case you are not satisfied with our work, you can ask us to step aside without paying for anything – and you keep the work that’s already completed at no charge!


We are more than sure of the value of our work, and we are equally convinced that you will appreciate it too!

If our Agents should not help you discover anything useful, and you may (unlikely) not be satisfied… you will pay nothing!

Now, do not waste any more time and require your Special Agent using the form at the bottom of this page.


My advice is to hurry up and explain us your situation at best, because we can not work with all the companies that require it.


We only work with those who are really convinced of the value we can bring them, who want to work with us and who have enough budget.


Don’t take it as a discrimination: we want to secure every customer the highest quality as possible, and for this reason we select carefully the customers to work with.


We offer to EVERY COMPANY the opportunity to access our tools and the support of our Agents, thanks to the make-yourself MARKETING INTELLIGENCE 1 KIT.


But ONLY A FEW will have the opportunity to work closely with our Agents.


Besides, in case of requests of equal interest, we will choose the projects following the application order.


So if by chance you are still here reading and you have not filled in the application yet… maybe while you are reading someone else is taking your place!


Anyway, do not worry: if by chance there should not be more places, you will be inserted in a waiting list and we will inform you as soon as there will be a place for you.


I won’t steal any more of your time… fill in your request immediately!


Hoping to see you soon and keen to provide you our best Agents,


Good luck,


Agent M

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