How CMI works

“Great, let’s go on with our tour. I’ll show you how we work at CMI!”

Agent 007 invites you to follow her. Walking along the office, you can not help but notice that nothing is left to chance.


Even the walls have not only the function of delimiting the spaces, but they are a living part of the environment. They inform, involve and only then divide the spaces.


Along the walls, in fact, you see several large screens on which are displayed the graphics performance of some markets, the level of diffusion of social networks messages and the health status of different brands, probably CMI customers.


The screens alternate with motivational quotes and tips on which you might stop and think for hours.


A particularly large panel grabs your attention.

“At Central Marketing Intelligence we work to educate companies, to support them in their work and to intervene when necessary.”

Agent 007



“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.”


“In times of rapid change, experience can be your worst enemy.”


“There is no favourable wind for the sailor who does not know how to navigate.”


“The beginning is the most important part of the job.”


“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.”

“You are reading our mantra!” Agent 007 wakes you from your thoughts.


“These five simple quotes sum up our philosophy and our way of working. All agents have a copy of the quotes always with them to read when they are in trouble: they could help to give an answer to their customer or to find a solution when they feel overwhelmed by problems.


If you like, now I will better explain you the CMI way of working and why those five quotes represent the perfect continuum of it.

The CMI works on 3 rails:



Take action

But let’s see it one by one.


“As you may have figured out, we believe that education is the most powerful weapon in the world and the only instrument that allows you to prevent possible crisis and build a better future.

For this reason, the CMI is constantly striving to train businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs by helping them to understand how their market is changing and what are the opportunities they could take.


We continuously publish articles, reports and other content that are intended to provide everyone, regardless of their budget, with the information necessary to make their moves on the web with awareness of the facts.


We know that the tools available change quickly, that there are always new opportunities and that for obvious reasons of time and focus most companies ignore most of it. And in the same way, we know that planning the activities and choosing the right tools is the most important phase.


But above all, we want as many companies to become aware of what they can do and what problems can be avoided or resolved thanks to the Web. We are convinced that this is the first step to build a new generation of companies that can really grow and with which we could fruitfully work in the future.



The support is aimed at businesses who do not have enough budget to hire an agent, but who have enough time and resources to be able to internally develop some virtuous dynamics.

To these companies we offer our knowledge, in order to understand what they need and how they should plan their marketing intelligence activities. Besides, we help them choose the right software and if they wish it, we negotiate the conditions directly with the supplier, overtaking customization and training.


One of the great advantages of working with us is the ability to leverage our knowledge of what tools are available and what problems they solve.


Consider that we have a database of over 1000 different online software focused on digital marketing. Indeed, we can help businesses choose the best tools for them and close the most advantageous arrangements directly with the software vendors.”

Would you like to learn more about these topics, plus the constant support of one of our agents?

The Basic X-Ray is all of these and more, and it’s coming soon. Click here to know more:

Discover more


“Our operative agents effectively work near the companies, helping them to take better decisions and to raise the effectiveness of their marketing.

This is not the moment to explain you what our different agents do, because you will have time to meet them personally later and they will explain you how they work.


What I tell you now is that our interventions could be either invasive and with long-term benefits, or nearly invisible and very focused.


In the first case, we work side by side with our customers to help them in their daily operations, tracking down new opportunities and solving the problems that arise.


In the second case, we simply provide the information they need through reports, as if we were an invisible hand that helps companies make better decisions and be aware of what’s going on in their market online.”

Are you ready to start immediately?

You can now hire a Special Agent who investigates for you!

Contact us

Oh, I was about to forget: being an intelligence agency, we can’t work with everyone, but we choose our cases carefully.


All requests we receive are evaluated by an internal committee, which examine the case and understand which services each company need.


At this point, the committee could accept the request and assign an agent to the client, or advice the solution they consider more appropriate to the situation and to the company’s needs.


The goal is NOT to “sell” as many agents as possible, but to find the right solution for every company contacting us.” Agent 007 concludes a bit out of breath, because taken from the passion she had spoken almost without breathing, and now she needs oxygen.


“Just in case you’re wondering, we are selective the perfect amount!” She adds with a smile.


“As Agent M always says, it is never a question of price, but a matter of working with companies that truly want our intervention and that really need it” she concludes.


“Well, if you don’t have any other question (if you do, simply ask me anything you want in the chat on the right-bottom side of the screen!), now I would like to present you to some other agents, so that they can explain in person what they do and how they operate.”

What are you waiting for? Go on with your visit to the Hexagon!

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