Are you an agency or a marketing consultant?

I guess you are tired of always working under pressure.

Customers are demanding more and more, and on top of that, they discuss every proposal and suggestion you make. You should constantly  justify with them your strategic choices, despite being the result of never ending brainstormings and nights at the computer. And why? Just because they think they know your job better than you.

So you always feel a Sword of Damocles over you, with customers who compare you to other agencies and are ready to change overnight if you do not lower your prices.

If you recognize yourself in this description, then you are in the right place.

On the contrary, if you are already satisfied with your results and your customers already appreciate your ideas at the first shot, do not waste even the time to read this page. I suggest you to go deeper into the subject by reading this Forbes article on how a marketing agency can be a step ahead.

But back to our topic: if you think you deserve more recognition from your customers, we at Central Marketing Intelligence are here to help you.

Uphill work in business - marketing intelligence

Would you like your customers:

Loan Money

To pay you for the real value of the work you did for them?

Saying stop to hours of free work, a thousand re-works and objections on your strategies.


To understand the difference between you and other agencies?

Realizing the dedication and care you take to follow them and your ability to plan the right strategies.


Do not protest when you propose changes and strategies FOR THEIR GOOD?

Avoiding to fight and discuss for every change that goes against their ``it's always been like that``.

Not to evaluate each year to change agency, asking for discounts?

But rather, would you like them to be afraid of losing you as a partner?

All this is possible… and the solution is called Central Marketing Intelligence.

Too good to be true?

Yeah, I guess it may seem strange to you: how can there be a solution? In the end, customers are made like that and it’s impossible to change their mind.

I understand you. I also worked for marketing agencies and I remember the frustration of working whole nights at a tender pitch to receive a “NO”, discarded for another agency with half of our skills. Or the time wasted trying to convince the customer that the change to his site was NECESSAR … and then doing as he wanted.

The problem is that customers think that yours are just “CREATIVE IDEAS”. They think that the real experts in their field is not you, but them… and that therefore you have no rights to tell him what to do.

After years of frustration, I finally found a way to create bomb-proof DATA DRIVEN strategies. That is, strategies based on solid, incontrovertible foundations.

When a solution is MATHEMATICAL, the client could not object!

An agency that always works with this approach, from the first tender pitch to the evaluation of a completed campaign, in the eyes of the client is not one, but ten steps forward.

That’s why I stopped working with agencies and founded the Central Marketing Intelligence.

To SUPPORT the agencies and help them find all the mathematical and incontrovertible proof they need to succeed.

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.”
Dan Zarrella

If you have not had this approach so far, it’s not your fault:

costo ricerche di mercato

It's expensive

You need advanced tools, that cost thousands of euro every month


It requires specialized competences

You need specialized skills in a world that changes day by day.

market intelligence

You have MARKETING to think about

Your job is to create winning strategies, not to do market analysis.

With the CMI by your side, you can concentrate on what you do best: marketing.

For these reasons we decided to create a real partnership program with agencies like yours. Agencies that understand the importance of basing each strategy on facts  and want to increase their competitiveness.

We will support you in all your information needs and we will be your right arm every time you need it.

You can boast the support of specialists in online market investigations, who have worked for large Italian multinationals and more.

And you will have more time and more information available to do what you do best: create and launch marketing strategies for your customers.

Internet life line

Some examples of how we can help you:

Market Forecast

Market assessment for a tender pitch

You will be able to know the prospect market and to propose relevant and innovative strategies.

In addition, attaching the market research into the tender pitch, you will show the prospect that your ideas are not up in the air, but based on researches done with the best software (and not just on Google as most agencies do!). This will greatly increase your chance of winning over the competition!

Market Analytics

Investigations to know the market of your customers

For your established customers, we can explore how their online market works. Finding out how their competition is moving, how the trends change and what consumers think. Information that can help you with the next editorial plan, new activations and campaigns, website changes and so on.

No agency offers this type of investigation: your customers will understand that you do things as they ought to be done… and will no longer discuss your choices.

Market Prediction

Social monitoring during campaigns

Once you launch any marketing campaign, we will help you monitor the progress over time. You will no longer have to worry about problems or about something going wrong without you noticing. We will take care to keep track of any reputation issues or problem during the campaign.

In addition, we will also take care of all those boring results reports. Of course, they are very important! But they take a lot of time and energy away from your real job, that is… thinking about marketing strategies!

With our support, you can leave numbers and charts to us and concentrate on what you make the difference.

Choose to be an agency like no others.

Choose to have a partner who supports you to find all the information you need for your strategies.

Choose to plan only bomb-proof strategies based on solid, incontrovertible data.

And choose to show your customers that you do not work like the competition, but that you pretend to know their industry before recommending any strategy.

Contact us and let’s find out how we can work together.

Fill in the form, we’ll call you as soon as possible to talk and see if we could be a partner fit.

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