Meet the CMI Agents

“Now as promised I will present you some CMI Agents!

Our visit to the Central Marketing Intelligence Headquarter is not over yet! It’s the moment to enlighten you on the types of agents we have and to meet some of them. First of all, let me give you a brief introduction!”

Agent 007, happy with her role as guide to the CMI headquarters, invites you to sit with her on a very comfortable-looking couch.


“I bet you already noticed that we all have a code name, haven’t you? Well, that name is used to identify our type of Agent! In particular, the first letter identifies the type, then the other ones indicate the specific person” Agent 007 says as soon as you are seated.


“There are two types of Agents, with different tasks and way of working. The first type are the “0” Agents – I’m one of them too, as you know my codename is 007. As field agents, in our missions we work alongside the customers. The second type are the ” X” Agents, the spies that on the contrary work remotely. And then of course there is Agent M, which is our leader and who is a separated category.

“Our code name identifies which type of agents we are: The 0 Agents, field agents, the X ones, spies working remotely, and obviously Agent M, our boss!”
Agent 007

The 3 CMI Agents types:


Operative on the field


Working remotely undercover


The boss that sees everything

By the way, another 0-type agent like me is passing along! Wait, I’ll introduce you.” She approaches the agent, who is sipping a cup of coffee, and he stops gladly on the couch to chat with us.


“Nice to meet you! I’m Agent 008!” the newcomer exclaims, shaking hands.


“Hello 008, it’s a while we don’t meet here at the Hexagon! Do you have 5 minutes to explain your job to our guest? He should be fed up of hearing just me talking!” Agent 007 asks jokingly.

“Of course! We 0-type Agents work on the field next to companies like yours” Agent 008 begins to explain.


“We deal with complex missions with strategic objectives, in which the investigation perimeter is not clear from the start.


To give you an example, often the companies’ top management has key questions on how their market is developing or about the opportunity to make an investment, such as the launch of a new line or the entrance into a new market.


These are questions that would not let the most experienced of managers sleep well at night… since those answers are very important for the future of their company!


You will therefore understand how important it is to have a dedicated Agent who follows the company closely, working to find answers to their problems and interacting with them after each discovery, to be sure the investigation direction is correct. ”


“And that is why we 0-Agents are always on business trips!” Agent 007 exclaims, smiling.


“That’s right, most of our missions are carried out working directly at our customers’ headquarters.” Agent 008 says.

[Qodef_blockquote text = “”For example, one of my last missions was to help the top management of a company that was about to launch a new innovative product line.” Title_tag =”h6″width =”100″]


They wanted to find out if something similar already existed and where, revealing what marketing actions had worked in the past for that specific type of product.


By working closely with them and thanks to our advanced software tools, I managed to find a growing trend in the United States that was similar to their idea. Thanks to this information, I have helped them understand that their idea was actually an opportunity and how to leverage it at best.

The goal of Agents 0s, the field agents,is to avoid you to take any more decision blindly:
New product lines launches

Entrance in new markets

Market trends

“You mentioned the software tools” Agent 007 interrupt, “why don’t you tell us something about them?”


“With pleasure,” Agent 002 says. “We CMI agents are famous for our knowledge about the web intelligence software that are available on the market and of what data could be intercepted.

With a clear idea about what exists, we can choose the most suitable software for each case, based on the objectives and of the budget of the client!

In addition, the CMI has activated partnerships with vendors of the most advanced software in the world for social listening, ie to capture the online conversations of people throughout the web.


Thanks to these software, we can intercept what is being said on social networks and online media with the utmost precision, even going back in time.


For example, some software allow us to recognise logos and products simply from the images posted on social networks!


Then we have an arsenal of equally powerful tools to spy on the movements of competitors, from their websites to their strategies on social media.”


Agent 008 takes the last sip out of his cup of coffee and gets up from the sofa. “It was a pleasure talking with you, but now I have to run away… my flight is waiting for me, tomorrow morning I have to be at a customer office!”


“Go 002, thanks a lot for the chat!” Agent 007 greets him, rising as well. “Let us go and meet a X-type Agent!”



Agent 007 approaches the desk of another agent who is busy working on her computer. “You already met Agent XX, one of our spies” Agent 007 says, then continues under her breath: “Look, you should pronounce it  as “double X”, or she will get offended!”.

Agent XX looks up from her laptop with a smile: “Hello again! Sorry but I do not have much time, I’m working on a very urgent case.”


“I know you’re busy, but who better than you to tell our guest how X-type agents work?” asks Agent 007. “It will only take a few minutes.” Agent XX nods and invites us to sit on two chairs next to her desk.


“So, where to start? We X-type Agents are undercover agents, and that’s why they call us “spies.”


We work remotely, undertaking our investigations wherever we are – here from our headquarters or from any part of the world – through our sophisticated online tools… but no need to talk about it again, I’ve heard that Agent 002 already explained you everything about our software tools!”


“Heh heh, the spy role fits you very well… You always know everything!” says Agent 007 jokingly.


Agent XX smiles and resumes: “Joking aside, we Agents X seldom meet the customers in person, because our missions do not require it.


In fact, the investigations we work on are less “complex” than Agents 0s’ ones, because activities and goals are much more defined.


When they call us, the clients already know what they want… hence, working closely is not necessary! It’s enough to talk by the phone first at the beginning of the investigation, so that to agree on the brief, and then at the end, when the case is closed, to report on the results. During the investigation, we interact by chat to exchange operative information.

Want to discover how to hire an Agent?

Discover more

“Since you’re here, why don’t you give us a few examples of your investigations?” Agent 007 asks.


“I was about to get there!” Agent XX resumes. “To give you a first example, very often companies hire us to monitor their online reputation. They want a first complete screening to understand the sentiment, that’s to say if people speak well or ill of their brand. Then, they want monthly reports to be updated on what’s happening and about the results of their marketing campaigns.


Plus, sometimes they ask us to warn them real time if a crisis arises, or if there are extraordinary spikes of conversations on hot topics that concern them!


Another very frequent inquiry is to spy on competitors. The goal is to monitor their strategies to find out if they are launching new campaigns or new lead generation initiatives.


We also work with many advertising agencies, who contact us when they have to plan a new strategy for a client or if they want to prepare a prospect pitch.


We then gather key information on which to base their strategy, helping them to make a good impression with customers and win more prospects. By working with us, in fact, they prove to their customers that they have a solid knowledge of their industry and the ability to access cutting-edge tools for Web listening and analysis.


Besides, marketing agencies also call us when they are about to launch new marketing campaigns, to know how the topics they are working on are perceived, and to find inspiration on trends and successful initiatives around the world.


I know that Agent M has prepared a brand new special partnership opportunity for marketing agencies, you can read more about it here.

“We X-type Agents investigate on cases that have more well-defined boundaries:
Reputation monitoring

Social listening

Spying on competition

Reputation crisis anticipating

Marketing campaigns preliminary analysis and inspiration

In conclusion, as you can understand X Agents are much easier to recruit than the 0 Agents: just the time of a call, and we are already working for you!


The delivery times are much faster and of course the costs are more limited, because the missions are simpler and better structured. If you already have a clear idea of what you need and if you want a periodic monitoring or reporting, we X-type Agents are your secret weapon!”


“Thanks Agent XX! You have been very clear as always! Now we leave you to work” Agent 007 says, greeting XX. Then, turning toward you: “How about some coffee? It’s mandatory at this time!” Without waiting for your answer, she heads towards the coffee maker.



“One last thing, maybe you are still wondering what is the role of Agent M.


He is the coordinator agent, who ensures that the work of all other Agents is carried out at best.


He assigns the other Agents to the different missions and follows the investigations from above, intervening in first person only when things get too complicated or if there are problems.


He is the one to dictate the guidelines on the work of the Agency and he keeps us updated on major news in the web intelligence field.


If you continue to work with us, you’ll definitely get to know him closely!” 007 concludes, offering you a nice cup of steaming coffee.

The visit has ended… now have a look at our investigations!

Reputation Screening 

The investigation to know what people think of you and how you compare with the competition.

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Reputation Safe

The continuous web monitoring service that secures your reputation forever.

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Market X-Ray 

A 360° market research to X-ray your industry, your competitors and your customers.

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Detective on demand

Do you have a specific question? We help you make important business and marketing decisions with all the cards on the table.

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