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The secret for the perfect marketing campaign, even without budget and if you don’t know how to start.

Every marketer dreams of creating a so-called “perfect campaign” one day.

But what is a perfect campaign? And above all, what’s the secret to create a perfect campaign?


Let’s start from the basis.


A “perfect campaign” is the one that makes your boss happy, so happy to push him/her to give you a great prize and maybe even to offer you a promotion.


Because let’s be honest, I understand the satisfaction of designing a beautiful campaign that helps your company earn a lot of money… but if the result would be a blow on our back, I do not think many of us would be interested in creating one!


I do not know about you, but I do my job because I like it… but above all because it pays my bills.
So let’s recap, the perfect campaign is the one that loads your company with money, that makes your boss’s eyes sparkle and that gives you a lot of satisfaction and a nice (money) prize.


Yes, because if by chance you are dreaming of being awarded with some prizes like “best creative campaign of the year” or something like this… let it go. These are not the prizes you have to chase.


The only thing that counts is the return of investment of the campaign.

Only this will allow you to make your boss happy and to achieve the so much wanted prize.
Well, now that it’s crystal clear what a perfect campaign is, the next step is understanding what to do to create it.
Unfortunately, I must give you a bad news… there is no magic formula.


You can not think of getting away with an investment of €5,000 on Facebook ads, doing some advertising on Google, and – if you manage it – creating some viral content.


Alright, it always makes me smile when I hear people talking about creating viral content! They make it seem easy, almost automatic… when it’s actually far from simple.


However, there is no magic formula because of the simple fact that it depends on so many different factors, which change from time to time.
Below I summarize some of the most important factors:

  • The characteristics of the people you want to reach as age, place, habits, work
  • The type of products or services
  • The level of competition
  • The cost of the different channels
  • The availability of resources
  • The available time

…and so on.

Each campaign has unique and different features that prevent you from simply replicating other people’s campaigns or your previous ones.
Unfortunately, each one needs to adapt to its context and the constraints it is subjected to.
But I want to give you some good news: although it is true that there is no magic formula…… it is also true that there is a secret to creating a perfect campaign.
A secret almost always ignored, which the majority of marketers underestimated.


This secret is knowledge.


“Knowledge” means not technical knowledge, like knowing all the tricks to optimize your Facebook ads or banner ads, but it’s the awareness of the context in which you are moving, of the constraints and of all the factors that in a way or another will affect the success of your campaign.
Yes, I know what you’re thinking …


“Of course I know all these things, don’t think that you have told me what kind of news talking about the characteristics of people and bla bla bla… It’s clear that when I create a campaign I have all these things in my head!
I believe you, but let me ask you something.


Do you know these things because they are “known” – that is because they are part of your business knowledge or of your cultural background – or because you proactively looked for them before starting to work on the campaign creation?


And most of all, if you’ve been looking for these information, have you really used them as the basis for creating your campaign, or did you use it just to justify your choices?


Do not worry, you do not need to answer me.


Probably in your company you are already working at best… but having clear and really assimilating this concept makes all the difference in the world.


To create the perfect campaign you need to forget everything you know for a moment, geting rid of all the biases and the things you think are right. Only then you will be able to look at what is really happening in the market!


You need to broaden your horizon, to find new sources of inspiration, to check whether new competitors have been born or if something significant and interesting has happened in some other market.


To create a perfect campaign, every piece should be there for a reason and the reason should never be “because we have always done so”.


Every action and every choice must come from an opportunity, from a situation that makes it perfect.



Unfortunately, too often we forget to go in-depth in this knowledge and we start creating our marketing campaigns “as we have always done”. This is because habits are slow to change and fail to keep pace with a market that has is now moving at the speed of light.


The good thing is that in all this no one is guilty. It certainly is NOT YOUR FAULT, and in the end it is not even your boss’s fault. Simply said, for human beings it’s not easy to leave the loved old road for the new one.


Today, however, you have the opportunity to go beyond and internalize this concept: to create the perfect campaign you need to know and really understand the context in which you are moving.


It’s a bit like the difference between a custom tailored dress and a dress from a department store: the second one is not bad, but it will not fit you like the first one.


If you want to create a perfect campaign, you must first know the context in which you move, looking at the market from multiple points of view, exploring what has already been tried, what works and what does not. You have to calibrate your campaign on your client and on what’s going on in the market now.


There is one way to do all this: market research.


Before doing any marketing action, it would be all well and good to perform a market research that explores what’s really going on.


And be careful, when I talk about market research I do not mean to open google and look at the first search results, I mean a job done properly, the way it should be.


Something professional, capable of actually giving you answers and not just clearing your conscience.


I recommend you to entrust the market research to an expert, ideally the person in the company (if you have any) who is dedicated to this type of business and who is familiar with the various professional tools that are needed.


Concluding, I hope I managed to make you understand that the key to creating the perfect campaign lies in the knowledge of the context and the constraints and opportunities that are actual NOW.


Of course, market researches are not your job… so if you would like to start with the help of our 007 Special Agents, click here:
Contact a detective of the web!

In the meantime… eyes open and ears shot!

Caterina Vidulli - Agente 007

Agente segreto del web, indago il web per trovare le informazioni che servono alle aziende per avere successo. Credo nel potere della tecnologia di portare la nostra società un passo avanti e di superare ogni giorno i nostri limiti.

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