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“We don’t need Web Marketing Intelligence.” Answers to the worse objections

We’ve thought about it. Our decision is that at the moment we don’t need the web marketing intelligence.
Every time I hear a statement like this, I can not help but smile.
I understand,” I reply patiently, “what is the reason for this decision?
Then all hell breake loose, and they unleash the most diverse excuses. Do you remember when you used to invent curious excuses on how your dog ate your homework? Well, this case is very similar… with the small difference that this time you are harming your success, not your teacher happiness!
In fact, actively moving to take advantage of the online information is an opportunity for all businesses, which shold not be brushed aside with a trivial excuse!
Another very frequent answer is this: “I am more than convinced that the web marketing intelligence would be useful for us, indeed! But our top management does not want to hear about it and my budget is blocked.
This time, the poor marketing managers are really looking forward to taking decision with less uncertainty, but they are unable to convince their bosses.

The fault is NOT of the companies nor of the marketing managers, but of the scarcity of information: there are many misunderstanding and myths about these tasks that mislead people for many different reasons.

Therefore, in time I have collected the most common excuses that I have heard of, and today I decided to share them with you, explaining why these are not valid reasons to set aside the marketing intelligence.
If after reading you still DO NOT want to take the web intelligence into your business routines… at least it will be for a valid reason, and not for one of the following ones!
On the other hand, if you ever need to explain to your boss why you need to start NOW with these activities, then the following answers will help you!

1) Our brand is too small, no one is talking about us online.

This objection is the most common but also the weakest.
Discovering that only few people are talking about you is already an important feedback, because it means that people do not have your brand in mind!
Instead of despairing over the situation, you can proactively work to increase the number of conversations through dedicated initiatives, then tracking if they bring results on your online buzz.

Meanwhile, since your company is not very visible, you need to understand which moves work best even more than your more visibile competitors!
Web intelligence can help you have a clear overview of your industry and the competition: by understanding what people talk about, on wich online channels they write, who they are, and where they are, a business can obtain key information to make the right moves and increase its popularity.

You surely see that excluding the web intelligence from the start because your company is not so visible is the right move… not to grow at all!

2) We don’t have enough budget.

First of all, web intelligence activities are of course not free, but they may require different levels of budget depending on the needs and the availability.
You can start with more targeted projects that aim to answer specific questions and might not require a high budget. Or, instead of monitoring your brand daily, you can start with periodic reportings every 3/6 months.
Also, different software could have very different costs: no need to start with the ones with the highest quality, that consequently cost more! It may be enough for you to start with some software that cost a few hundred euro per month. I can tell you by experience that the data they can track are already a good base to start with social listening.

By the way, if your goal is to save money… then, not listening to the Web you are likely to spend even more!

Launching your marketing campaigns without any information on your target, nor doing a check on the messages you want to use, the risk that the campaign will not work as it should is very high!
Also, if you don’t check in real-time the results you are getting from your audience… how can you optimize your budget?
Therefore, allocating a certain percentage of the marketing budget to better understand your targeted audience, to better plan the campaigns and to check the results is the best way to save and optimize your marketing budget!

3) We don’t have the internal human resources for that.

Of course, having inside the company people who are dedicated to web intelligence activities could be a big challenge.
They require training, they should learn to use the software and, above all, they must always be updated when there are news, when the technologies change and when there are new ways to find the information.
And what if the dedicated persons they trained so well simply leave the company or the agency? They would need to start it all over again, or they will be obliged to pay a licence of a software no one will be able to use!
But working with the CMI this is not a problem at all.
We Agents are ready to investigate the web on behalf of your business, reporting and summarising all the results at the end of the investigation.

No need to hire dedicated people or to assign these tasks to employees already overburdened by their work!

4) We already have our internal analyst.

This objection is the contrary of the previous one. They already have a person in charge of data analysis and so they feel totally covered.
But when I start asking a few more questions, like: “But what type of analysis your analyst works on?” Or “Great! What software does he/she use?“, it turns out that the analyst actually deals mostly with sales figures and administration cost analysis.
Sometimes they are also dedicated to collecting and analyzing results from social networks and the company website, to create reports on marketing results.
In the most advanced cases, they even use some free software for social listening, but only occasionally and only to draw the company’s press release.
Do not get me wrong, it does not mean that having an internal analyst is a bad thing: on the contrary!
But analysts can not take care of everything and be specialized on everything.

The web marketing intelligence is an investigation field that is very exploratory, therefore it requires specific knowledge about the data that can be extracted and the software to use.

For example, there is no point in struggling to find a software to extract mentions from Linkedin, when it’s simply not possible at the moment. Or maybe they are missing that is very common to find the exact location of twitter users.
We CMI agents can assist your analysts, helping them to find the information they need and supporting them in everything related to the digital world.

5) I already use Google Alerts (that is free!)

This is the most beautiful excuse. Of course, Google Alerts gives you an idea of the latest articles that contain a certain keyword.
But first of all, it does not monitor social networks, just websites.
Second, what if the research is more complex than a single very distinguishable brand name?
Think for example if you had to distinguish “Ferrari” cars from “Ferrari” surname, wine, cheese, etc! With Google Alerts it is simply impossible.
In addition, Google Alerts does not give you the overall statistics but only the articles titles as soon as they have been published.
This mean that you can not see how many mentions you had in total, from which channels, from which websites, and so on! You can see only real-time news.
Then, think how hard it would be to go back to all the emails alert and find all the mentions to manually compile a report!

6) I already know anything: my target, my market and my competitors.

Of course, I’m sure you already know your customers well, but the web intelligence – and especially social listening – can find unexpected answers.
Let me tell you an example: a brand that sells ice cream thought that in winter people were less interested in its products. More, they guessed that rainy days were a bad day to run Facebook campaigns.
Instead, on the contrary even in the cold season the buzz around their products was very high… and indeed, rainy days were those with more conversations!
Not to mention the case that I often quote of the brand of female clothing who discovered that many of the negative conversations about its products and its testimonial were made by men… who obviously influence the decisions of female audience!

If this is true in normal business, when entering new markets or launching new lines the possibility of making mistakes is even higher.

Listening to the web helps to embrace the real situation and see crystal clear how it is changing.
Have you seen the magic? All the most common objections magically turned out to be bad-concealed needs of the company!
However, having all these doubts is more than normal, particularly with regard to the budget, the available resources and also to the ROI from the investment.
For this reason, we listened to all these objections and we designed a first basic investigation which we called BASIC X-RAY, which offers everything you need to get the first results from marketing intelligence in a few days.

You can discover more about the Basic X-Ray clicking here!

Oh, I was about to forget … if your boss comes up with another different objection not to start with web intelligence, write it in the comments: I’ll help you to convince him/her! ðŸ˜‰

Caterina Vidulli - Agente 007

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