Social listening

Intercepting people online conversations

What does “social listening” mean?

“Web listening”, “social listening”, “web monitoring”, “monitoring of social media” and so on and so forth: by now we hear it in every possible way.

But what exactly is this “web listening”? The web is silent by definition, so what is it that we listen to?

Network listening means intercepting everything that is published online on any theme, brand or even on a single person (think of politicians or an influencer).

There may be a few hundred posts and reviews, or millions of conversations: in both cases the goal is to find out what people think about a certain theme or product, to find the information you need the most.

social listening

What is social listening for?

It depends. It depends on what your goal is and what you need to find out.

In general, listening to the network is useful for gathering a lot of information on people’s opinions in a short time and with little effort.

Consider it as a sort of survey 4.0: instead of organizing interviews and calling people, you can gather in seconds everything that consumers have already shared on the topic.

At CMI, we use network listening in almost all our investigations:

  • in brand reputation investigations, it is the main method to intercept those who are talking about you;
  • in investigations on the market, allows us to understand what interests customers;
  • in investigations on trends, it helps us to find out which themes are increasing in relevance and why.

The web is a huge database, which grows in size every second: thanks to social listening we have a way to find the information you need most.

For example three goals of social listening are:

Monitor the reputation

People are constantly talking about products, companies and brands. Find out how we can help you take control of your brand reputation.

Have a better knowledge of your customers

Listening to what interests them and what they are talking about, you can finally enter the head of your customers and understand how to breach through their hearts.

Discover the market trends

If people are talking about it more, it means that it is becoming more and more relevant! Listening it, you can find out how your market is changing.

Some advantages of social listening:

Prevent possible crises

Discover hidden problems

Uncover the influencers

Social customer care

Get to know your clients

Discover the purchase drivers

What can we listen to? Is it legal?

I guess you were doing these two questions for a while. In this period, where we are constantly talking about GDPR and data legality, it would be strange not to ask.

The good news is that yes, it’s very legal. We listen to what people publish, in fact, PUBLIC.

Where is it? On social networks like Twitter, Facebook (with limitations), Instagram, Youtube, VKontakte and so on. We intercept articles on blogs and news sites, and forum posts. We can also intercept reviews on sites like TripAdvisor, Amazon and Google Review.

In short, almost everything that is public online can be heard in some way.

social listening

How we monitor social media:

You can listen to the web in two ways: looking into the past, to intercept conversations back in time, or in real time, to find out what you are talking about right now.

We select the sources

We listen to the main social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, GooglePlus, Youtube), to the forums, blogs and news sites.

We collect the mentions

We eliminate the noise from the online conversations, to skim only those that talk about your brand and your competitors.

We verify the sentiment

Are the mentions positive or negative? With the help of semantic analysis software, we identify the sentiment of the mentions.

We find answers

From the analysis, we answer questions such as: what are the topics people talk about most frequently? Who are the influencers? Where do people talk about these topics?

Listening with the right tools

Every self-respecting secret agent runs with an arsenal of tools to carry out his investigations.

At CMI we have tested hundreds of different software and we know which ones to use depending on the social network you need to listen to.

In particular, for most of our investigations we have chosen the best social media listening software in its category according to the rating company Forrester.

We chose it because it is the only software that offers flexibility in research, analytical data capacity and access to a huge database of historical data.

We have become a partner of the software vendor in order to offer this incredible weapon to our customers.

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