State of the lithium battery market

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State of the lithium battery market

The lithium battery market is undoubtedly growing and it is attracting more and more investments. A company that has produced batteries for years was considering starting a new brand dedicated only to lithium, in some fast-growing niche sectors.

Before structuring the business and marketing strategy, they contacted us for a Market X-Ray of the lithium battery market.

They wanted to understand:

  • What was the real economic value and volume of the lithium battery market and what are the growth projections for the future;
  • What applications of lithium batteries were increasing in interest;
  • What were the main trends and what the problems of customers with current batteries;
  • Who is currently selling custom lithium battery solutions, what is their market positioning and what strengths / weaknesses they point the most.

The survey was even more exploratory than usual.

It has allowed us to unearth a large amount of data on the market and has brought out a very wide range of possible competitors … helping the company to choose the best angle of attack for the market.


May 28, 2018


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